The Left Fights Itself in the Struggle Against Trump-Ordained Kavanaugh



How far do you go to fight Lucifer’s — aka Donald Trump’s — sinister Supreme Court nominee? Democrats are trying to determine just that.


And at the moment, they’re a bit split.

Radicals in the streets want to announce the end of civilization. Just as they did with regard to family detention (as covered here). And family separation (shown here, here, and most especially here). And the trip to North Korea (the lack of credit for which is shown here). And the G-7 meeting (an assembly which I covered here). And Trump’s firing of Comey (more on Comey’s antics here). And the way Donald spoke at a rally. And the way he put on his socks. And the kind of toothpaste he uses. And how long it takes him to pick an ice cream flavor. Satan Satan Satan!!!!

Others, however, are concerned about coming across as psychos, given the upcoming November elections. Particularly those running in Pro-Trump states.

And there’s nothing a left-wing radical hates more than the absence of insane behavior.

Hence, conflict.

Democracy for America, a PAC founded by former DNC chair Howard Dean, is pushing for all Democrats to unite against the chosen Brett Kavanaugh. Neil Svroka, a spokesperson for the group, explained the necessity of a unified front to The Hill:

“There’s a great deal of frustration. … We need to be training all of our firepower on Murkowski and Collins and we don’t need to be wasting one shred of energy trying to push a Democrat in the right direction on this extremist nominee. … There’s great deal of impatience amongst the grass roots for senators to get off the fence on Kavanaugh.”


Murkowski and Collins = Moderate Republican senators who are considered swing voters with regard to Kavanaugh. The two were led to vote against the repeal of Obamacare in 2017.

Extremist = Not on the Left.

Elizabeth Beavers, a director for Indivisible Project (founded in 2016 to oppose the evils of Trump), concurs:

“We’re looking for more clean statements of opposition from more senators. … We already know plenty about Kavanaugh. … In order to get on Trump’s short list, these [SCOTUS candidates] had to show willingness to gut reproductive rights and show hostility to the Affordable Care Act.”

Gut reproductive rights = Rule, correctly, that the Constitution does not guarantee a federal right to abortion and, therefore, in lieu of further legislation or other federal court developments, the issue should be left up to the states.

Show hostility to the Affordable Care Act = Not be in favor of healthcare socialism.

In a recent tweet, Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine wondered aloud whether Kavanaugh would rule in favor of socialized medicine, give the thumbs up to Roe v. Wade, and protect “ALL Americans’ civil rights”:

“Will Judge Kavanaugh respect rulings to uphold the ACA? Will he safeguard ALL Americans’ civil rights? Will he protect women’s freedom to make their own reproductive health care decisions? Will he be independent of this President?”


Translation: Führer Trump hates rights, freedom, and choice.

Asking those questions was far too wimpy for the tastes of Brian Fallon, executive director of Demand Justice. The organization has planned a $5 million campaign against Kavanaugh, and Fallon dropped the hammer on Kaine:

“We already know the answers to these questions, Tim Kaine. Stop playing political games and help us #StopKavanaugh.”

Kaine defended the notion of using — brace yourself — some kind of reasoned approach to evaluating Kavanaugh:

“That’s just not the way I take the Supreme Court. I tried cases for 17 years, I’ve appointed [state] Supreme Court justices as governor. I certainly have opinions but I do feel like I’m supposed to read opinions, I’m supposed to read articles, I’m supposed to have an in-office interview [of] any Supreme Court nominee.”

Reading? Knowing? What sorcery is this? Why do any of that when you can just oppose Trump’s thoughts before he thinks them (see an amazing Women’s March example of that here)?

The Democrats are at odds. What a miserable party to belong to at the moment — their dishonest media has been rendered largely impotent, Congress has escaped their grasp, they’ve lost the White House, and Trump seems determined to reverse the impact of Obama’s presidency altogether. And if the Democrats continue in their present mode, the President will have six and a half more long years to do so.


Do you think this fighting is set to tear the party further apart (as does Dennis Miller, as seen here)? Or is this the struggle that will reunite them? Please let me know in the Comments section below.

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