Trump in 2020? Dennis Miller (and Kennedy!) Hit the Nail on the Head



I used to really dislike Dennis Miller. Or, I disliked the idea of him, because he frustrated me. I used to say he was such a great waste of intelligence.


Dennis was on the Left, and I recall once watching him address the actions of two politicians, one from each party. Both had done similarly foolish things. He excoriated the Republican; as for the Democrat, Miller said the official had committed the sin of being bad on television.

I considered Dennis Miller to be incapable of an objective viewpoint (much like this and this).

Later, when he moved to the Right, my mind was blown. He was now saying things I agreed with. As we all do as human beings, I thought the person thinking like me was smart. Therefore: no longer a waste.

Then a few years ago, in the midst of his various signature left-field allusions, he addressed a call into his radio show which had mentioned having a “Damascus experience.” Dennis said he wasn’t familiar with the concept.

That incident caused me to wonder: how could a man aware of so many peripheral things not know the New Testament story of Saul’s conversion? Was Miller a smart man, or just a man with smart writers?

I still don’t know the answer.

But I do know I agree with his recent comments on Kennedy’s Fox Business show regarding the Left’s chance of winning in 2020. With each passing day, those on the other side of the political aisle are further turning the country toward President Trump.

A few abridged excerpts from Miller and Kennedy’s conversation:


Miller: I think it’s really a Hail Mary pass on their side now, to beat him. … I know there was a couple holdouts in the Rust Belt for him (during the 2016 race). I watch him with these laborers like tonight in Montana — ranchers, farmers, hard hats. I don’t think he’s estranging them. I really think that the Left has done itself almost irreparable harm in the interim year and a half. They’ve way overplayed this. This is conch shell politics. They can play all these pyrrhic games on Twitter; they can have all their little vernacular victories over him. He has the conch right now, and he’s doing — in the eyes of many Americans — a pretty good job. And if I was somebody over there…I would be a little more conciliatory with him, and then engage when it was time to engage, in maybe a debate or something. But just throwing brick bats…

Kennedy: You’re absolutely right. Because if they said, every once in a while, “Good job, that’s exactly how you do it on North Korea,” and then if they selectively picked issues which allowed them to showcase their vision for an even better economy, that is a better path to victory.

Miller: Doesn’t it show them not to be as smart as we’re always told they are? … It’s going to cost them. … I look at Trump, I think he probably will get 7 more years.

Kennedy: I agree with you. And I have not seen one person (on the Left) so far come up with a strategy, because just attacking him isn’t enough. And it’s not enough for people who are so ill-served by both parties for so long. And there’s still a great misunderstanding why swing voters in critical states, especially in the midwest, decided to shift their loyalties for someone who is essentially untested but who offered practical optimism the likes of which establishment politicians have not been able to offer.

Miller: Because Rust Belt guys are getting sick of being called stupid for busting their a** on two jobs a week to take care of people who just came here and haven’t really even got any skin in the game yet. They’re getting sick of it. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t believe the party of the people — the Democrats — don’t see that. I don’t know what they’ve done to ostracize these people. They wanna be in their camp. They can’t anymore.


It truly is a remarkable combination of Trump doing so much right and the Left doing so much wrong: a billionaire has appealed more to the common man than the party which prides itself in doing so.

I predict the Left are going to continue their radical, over-the-top insanity (like this, this, this, this, and especially this), leaving their position in the marketplace of ideas a tattered mess. They’re emotional and irrational, and nothing’s going to calm them down. They are, at this point, uninterested in debate in lieu of demanding their way, and incapable of debate due to their irrational frenzy. That — and the damage it is doing — should be obvious to them. But nothing short of God’s blinding light is going to make them see it.

Oh– and incidentally, Kennedy is fantastic.

What do you think of the Democrats’ chances for 2020? And what are your opinions of Dennis Miller and Kennedy? Let me know in the Comments section below.

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