Trump's SCOTUS Pick: Elizabeth Warren, the Left, and the Tired Jokes of Outrage and Fear



On the evening of July 9th, after Donald Trump announced his pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, there was a …brace yourself… protest over his choice.


If Trump had designated a different candidate than Brett Kavanaugh, would there have been a backlash? The answer is: there’s no time to consider that, because this is the worst thing that’s ever happened!

Elizabeth Warren appeared on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about the spooky, horrible, and sinister reality of Führer Trump’s choice.

I thought I’d summarize the interview here, so you wouldn’t have to listen to the smacking and breathing sounds coming from Warren, which, for some reason, almost made me throw up:

Oh– and I’ve added some thoughts in parentheses…

“Here’s what troubles me (Yes! There must be something troubling about any given Trump action)…Donald Trump had a list of people who had been pre-screened by the Federalist Society, and so he knew that everyone on that list was committed to overturning Roe v. Wade. … He knows that everyone on that list is committed to overturning healthcare rights for tens of millions of Americans (How?). … Donald Trump picks…the person who says, ‘You know, it would be a total disaster for the United States of America if it turned out that the President of the United States got indicted.’

[Kavanaugh is] a political animal (In other words, he will be an evil arm of Lucifer Trump). … So he thinks of this, I think, ‘Wow — we need to make sure that the United States of America stays safe by protecting the President from — what?– from investigation, from indictment, from prosecution.’ That’s what troubles (There’s that word again) me about the whole picture here. Donald Trump has got the trifecta: he’s got someone who will be committed to overturn Roe v. Wade, someone who will be committed to rolling back healthcare for millions of Americans (In what way?), and someone who — it looks pretty likely — will help Donald Trump if he gets into serious trouble (Which, we are supposed to believe, he will).”


Lawrence pointed out that when Kavanaugh wrote in 2009 that indicting and prosecuting a president would be bad for the nation, he specified that only Congress could prevent it until that person left office.

Warren didn’t address the point. Imagine an earpiece feeding her: Pssst. Elizabeth. Don’t even entertain Lawrence’s statement. You good, Trump evil; remember? Bring up that whole worrying thing some more. This is MSNBC; the viewers don’t know what’s going on in the first place. So just make it sound like Trump’s headed for the Hoosgow:

“The part that worries (Ding!) me most… If he thinks that it would be a disaster for Donald Trump to be indicted, he looks like (‘Looks like’ — nice move; it appeals to emotion and casts suspicion) someone who could very much be on Trump’s side (Say it ain’t so! No one should ever be on the side of Donald Trump!). And what’s so worrisome (Ring the bell again!) about all of this is he very well could be the deciding vote on whether or not a criminal prosecution against the President goes forward (How? And nice — suggest Trump’s prosecution is impending). Look, I get it (No, you don’t) — we’re looking ahead. But this is a President right now who hears the hoofbeats of an investigation that is bearing down on him (No, he does not). The Mueller investigation has been going forward, it has already produced multiple indictments, multiple guilty pleas, and all of the threads keep tying back to Donald Trump himself (No, they do not). And that’s a real problem (No, it is not).”


The Left have become a joke. Their response to every move Donald Trump makes pegs the red on the Outrage & Fear meter. The intensity of each reaction is an 11 out of 10. When that happens without fail, everything ceases to mean anything at all. Here are just a few other examples with regard to the SCOTUS pick:


Chris Murphy again. Oh — and there is no such legal distinction as an “assault weapon;” nevertheless:

This is a lie; reversing Roe v. Wade only puts abortion back in the hands of the individual states:


And last but not least, an example of how dishonest the Left’s outrage has become. As reported by the The Washington Free Beacon:


The boy who cried wolf had an excuse: he was a boy. These are adults, and while they may succeed in further confusing the ignorant, to those who know virtually anything at all, they are showing themselves as fools.

Or are they? Do you perceive many on the Right to do the same? Please sound off in the Comments section below.

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