Kamala Harris's Fake News: Senator Gets Declaration of Independence Wrong



The Left want to let you know that everyone’s an immigrant. Everything that’s happened that’s good? Immigrants. Everybody a long time ago? Immigrants. You? Immigrant.


That’s all fine and well, even though it makes absolutely no sense.

For that matter, neither does the Left-originated notion that the tribes which lived on this continent pre-Columbus — and their ancestors — are to be called “Native” Americans. As Trump would say:

“Native” refers to where one is born. Therefore, all born in the U.S. are native Americans. Furthermore, as for the Left’s assertion that the American Indians are the only true people of America, they were themselves, in fact…wait for it…immigrants — they came to America from Asia by way of the Bering Strait (for more about the Left’s war on language, please read this and this).

But I digress…

Back to everyone being an immigrant: an additional problem with this notion is that is has nothing to do with the intended point. Democrats want to lift up the label of “immigrant” in order to support illegal immigration, which is akin to praising the earning of money in order to justify stealing it.

On Independence Day (upon which we, in part, remember gratitude for this), California Sen. Kamala Harris stole something: she robbed the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the truth:


“A reminder this Fourth of July: it was eight immigrants who signed the Declaration of Independence. Happy Independence Day.”

Uhh, no.

It was, in fact, 56 British citizens, 48 of whom were born on North American soil, 8 of whom who were born in Great Britain. None of them were immigrants; they were Brits, living in the British colonies in America.

Tell her, NRA News radio host Cam Edwards:

It’s bad to make points that have no relation to the point you’re trying to make; it’s even worse for the initial point to be wrong. But this is politics, this is the Left, and these are desperate times. And not even the celebration of our nation’s birth — a commemoration of the fact that we remain free — can remain free from the scourge of failed attempts at political maneuvering.


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