Federal Judge Rules on Trump's Request for Family Reunification Extension



On Friday, a federal judge gave the big N-O to the Trump administration’s request for more time to reunite children and their illegal alien parents who were jailed after sneaking into the U.S.


This separation, as I continue to cover — and as I continue to see lied about — was not Donald Trump’s idea. It was a…what’s that word? Oh, yeah: federal law. For more on this very important point, check out this, this, and this.

Trump’s White House insisted more time was required to yoke up 101 kids under the age of 5, for reasons of safety and confirmation that the parents are indeed who they claim to be.

Sarah Fabian, attorney for the DOJ, theorized thusly:

“There’s always going to be tension between a fast release and a safe release.”

The court’s decision was a rejection of Trump’s blanket request. However, considerations will be made. The American Civil Liberties Union — the subject of a seemingly apt poem, incidentally, called “Get A CLUe” — successfully sued the administration, demanding family reunification (why didn’t they sue under Obama?). Subsequently, District Judge Dana Sabraw ordered the White House to hand over a list of the children to the ACLU by Saturday afternoon. Subsequently, the two groups will attempt to determine which specific cases deserve an extension. The result will be considered in federal court on Monday.


Sabraw dropped the hammer:

“The government must reunite them. It must comply with the time frame unless there is an articulable reason.”

DNA cheek swabs, which take almost a week to process, are being used to ensure children are being placed with their biological parents.

A declaration filed with the court by Jonathan White of Health and Human Services, said the government isn’t dragging it’s feet; it’s just being careful for the sake of the kids:

“The Government does not wish to unnecessarily delay reunifications or burden class members. At the same time, however, the Government has a strong interest in ensuring that any release of a child from Government custody occurs in a manner that ensures the safety of that child.”

This is a big mess, and many are blaming the government. They aren’t wholly wrong. However, the mess was begun, not by family separation, but by years of neglect at the border which President Trump is trying to put an end to. And which — by the way — many politicians would prefer to remain, in order to grant amnesty, thereby allowing the porous border to function as a mill for new voters.

Our policies and lack of proper security and enforcement have caused the problems those in Congress are decrying; yet, they prefer to address the symptom rather than the disease.



Also, within this cluster, what will be done in cases of children whose biological parents are not determined? Will officials place them with the chaperones who smuggled them in?

Once again — a mess.

What are your thought on this issue? Please let me know in the Comments section below.

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