The Episcopal Church Eyes Giving God a Sex Change



Have you ever wished God was a woman? How about a transvestite? How about xe, ze, hir, zir, etc?

If you’ve ever hankered for a Creator with a beard and a dress, you’re in luck: an Episcopal Church is somewhere nearby.


At least, that may be the case soon: the entire Episcopal organization is considering replacing all toxic-masculinity pronouns referring to the man up– I mean, the person upstairs…with gender-neutral words. Then he– I mean, it…I mean, God…can be whatever sex you want…God…to be.

Here we go, as reported by Fox News:

“[The Episcopal Church has] formed a committee Wednesday to ‘provide a pathway’ toward revising the Book of Common Prayer to include gender-neutral language.”

The church is looking to correct that dang “overwhelming use of masculine language” really screwing up the book.

Wil Gafney, a Hebrew Bible professor and a guy who really, really wants a unisex Heavenly Fother, said it just ain’t cool to not be able to comfortably pray “Our Mather which aren’t in heaven…” Well, he didn’t really say that. But he did say this:

“As long as ‘men’ and ‘God’ are in the same category, our work toward equity will not just be incomplete. I honestly think it won’t matter in some ways.”

Seminarian Kathleen Moore, of the Diocese of Vermont, agrees. She thinks talk of gender really stinks up the joint. Therefore:


“Let’s let God be God.”

In order to give God a sex change, a subcommittee will be required to provide resolutions over 12 years, followed by a trial period of three years.

According to the church, “adoption of a new book requires votes in two consecutive General Conventions to take effect, placing final approval on the agenda in 2030.”

Is this really where our attention needs to be? Furthermore, what good does it do to change the Book of Prayer, when the Bible still uses patriarchal terms? And if you change those, too, then you’ve changed the original, supposedly inerrant words. Doesn’t that defeat the point?


Why not just rewrite the whole thing? Jesus can come to tell the world of the importance of pronouns, and he can say there’s no such thing as an illegal person and that microaggressions are hate speech. He can even utter “Get thee behind me, Donald Trump.”

Where does it stop?

For more on language — which I do believe is very important — please read this article. Please check out this piece as well.

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