Michelle Wolf Compares Ivanka Trump to a Sexually Transmitted Disease; This is the New Left


The Left continues down the road of repulsive attacks on President Trump’s family, the likes of which one one-hundredth would never have been tolerated if aimed at the Obamas (like this example).


In the most recent installment of Netflix’s The Break, anti-Trump comedienne Michelle Wolf disparaged Ivanka Trump for her relation to the once-loved Democrat/now Satanic Republican Donald Trump.

Incidentally, I would have more respect for the Left if they didn’t try to rewrite history. I wish they would say, “We loved this eccentric New York billionaire — we had him on our shows and in our movies, for decades. We adored him so much, we asked him to host a prime time major network program. We attended his events and asked him to come to ours. We took his donations and hailed him as a paragon of success and doing things one’s own way. But magically, when he put an “R” to his name, he became Lucifer. It was quite surprising.”

That would be preferable to their denial of the entire first part of that paragraph, trading it for the reality-defying “Oh, Donald Trump? Yeah, he was always evil” schtick.

Back to Michelle Wolf: she compared Ivanka to “vaginal mesh” and “herpes.”

In the episode, Wolf began with a retort to a Republican ad labeling some liberals as “unhinged”:

“Now is not the time to be hinged.”

She then touted incivility:

“These politicians, these people that we’re expected to be civil to, our public servants that we elected to do a job… they work for us. You can’t just casually harass these people. You have to insult them specifically.”


The thing she forgot is that Trump is doing the job the people elected him to do.

If you don’t vote for a candidate who promises A, B, and C, you can’t claim they must give you X, Y, and Z because they won.

But I digress.

Back to Michelle’s comments….here ya go:

“If you see Ivanka on the street, first call her Tiffany. This will devastate her. Then talk to her in terms she’ll understand. Say, ‘Ivanka, you’re like vaginal mesh. You were supposed to support women but now you have blood all over you and you’re the center of a thousand lawsuits.”

How was Ivanka “supposed to support women?” Be a Democrat?

Wolf continued her cruel attack on the First Daughter:

“Ivanka, you’re like that birth control pill Yaz. At first, it seemed like you’d be really cool and helpful, but you need to be immediately recalled.”

Recalled? Does Wolf realize Ivanka Trump is not the politician in the family?

And then:

“Is your nickname ‘herpes’? Because you’re not necessarily the most dangerous person in the administration but you’re very unpleasant, totally incurable and you always show up when we’re about to get f—-d.”


It’s hard to remember what comedians even talked about before Trump ran for President. You know — back when they were hinged.

Wolf certainly isn’t the first on the Left to go after women in politics — which, apparently, is perfectly fine, if their last name is Trump (see here for an astounding illustration).

Last month, the host had this to say about Melania:

“Whatever really happened with Melania, I genuinely hope it doesn’t come out that Donald hurts her. One because that’s bad, and two then we couldn’t make fun of her anymore. We’d have to make her into this brave feminist icon and I don’t wanna do that! I like making fun of Melania because she’s a bad first lady. She’s one of the worst we’ve ever had. I haven’t seen someone phone in this whole first lady thing since Betty Ford was still drinking.”

I want to address all of the above, but I’m sure you don’t care to read another 50,000 words (yet, here are a few words about the Left’s incredible treatment of the First Lady, and Trump’s chivalrous defense of her).

Briefly: Wolf’s comments on Melania illustrate part of the goofiness of the Left — if a woman gets beaten, make her into a feminist icon. What sense does that make? Everything seems to be a virtue-signaled caricature, a trite ad for meaninglessness. The ideology seems to be anti-ideological, in lieu of a flier dropped from an airplane onto the masses. Things are called what they aren’t, said to be how they are not.


And following that paradigm is Michelle Wolf’s contribution to the world in the form of revolting attacks on the First Daughter. Sadly, given the wealth of incivility from the left side of the political aisle as of late, Wolf is just one more bloodthirsty predator, running with the pack.

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