House Democrats Demand Investigation into Trump Immigration 'Policy' (Which it Isn't)



Big surprise: top Democrats in the House are requesting that federal agency watchdogs launch probes into what they call President Trump’s immigration “policy,” otherwise known as following the law (see more about this here). Such Democrat-angering adherence to law includes family separation (read more here and here) and also the end of family separation via Trump’s executive order (which I write about here). Illustrating a principle of being anti-Trump rather than ideologically motivated, the Left is raging against both (discussed here).


The officials sent a letter Friday to each agency’s inspector general, which included the following:

“We have grave concerns about how the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) considered, prepared for, and executed these policies.”

The letter was signed by members of several committees: Oversight and Government Reform, the Judiciary, Homeland Security, Education and the Workforce, and Energy and Commerce.

The Democrats allege that proper measures were not taken to ensure children would be reunited with their parents.

(As a side note: there is no way to know for certain that the adults which brought the children into the country illegally are actually their parents.)

Furthermore, those opposed to Trump have accused the White House of coercing illegal immigrants to waive their legal rights and leave the U.S. in order to be back with their children. (Aren’t they supposed to be leaving anyway?)

Currently, the Office of Refugee Resettlement at HHS reports that more than 2,000 separated children are in custody.

Law called for the children to be separated, courtesy of the Clinton administration, a Democratic Congress, and a left-wing appeals court (see my links in the first paragraph). But don’t expect the Democrats to admit any of that, or to even address the idea. What you’ll get, repeatedly, is talking points and notions of Trump’s “policy.” Because, politics.


The administration had better have in place a method of reuinification — this week, a federal judge ordered that children age 4 and below be returned to their parents within two weeks, and that older children be rejoined within 30 days.

More from the letter:

“The administration still has not provided consistent information on a family reunification plan, whether children are still being separated at the border, or whether your agencies have accurate information about whether detained children entered the United States as unaccompanied minors or were separated from their parents upon entry.”

On Wednesday, the HHS announced an investigation into shelters at the border, concerning the treatment of illegal immigrant children.

Probes are an important part of quality control in government. However, so much of what happens in Washington is about the game of money and power being fought between Democrats and Republicans. This call for inquiries strikes me as par for the political course. If the Democrats were really upset about family separation to start with, they would have addressed it with legislation. And not just now, but when it went into effect during Obama’s presidency (again, see my links at the top). Everything otherwise is just political grandstanding, hoping to make gains before the November elections.

Thumbs down.

What do you think? Is the method of reuniting parents and children truly something that needs to be looked into? I have no doubt the government is failing at doing things efficiently and effectively, because it’s the government. But will this change anything for the better? Let me know in the Comments section below.


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