Poll: Most Americans Don't Want Roe v. Wade Reversed


A poll released Friday shows the majority of Americans don’t want Roe v. Wade — the federal ruling which established abortion as a constitutional right — overturned.


According to the study of 1,492 people by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 67% triumphed over 29% in the for-against of leaving the ruling alone.

The poll was conducted before the announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s July 31st retirement.

The Left has been sweatin’ like it’s goin’ outta style since Kennedy’s news, due to President Trump’s intention for the landmark ruling to be re-assessed. He made that clear during the final 2016 presidential debate:

“Well, if we put another two or perhaps three justices on, that’s really what’s going to be — that will happen. And that’ll happen automatically, in my opinion, because I am putting pro-life justices on the court.”

Indeed, TheCut.com’s Wednesday’s headline read, “This is How Hostile Trump’s Potential SCOTUS Picks Are to Abortion, LGBTQ Rights.”

Separated by sex, 68% of women and 65% of men in the study sided with keeping Roe v. Wade as-is.

As for the upcoming November elections — in which both parties will no doubt make abortion a decisive issue — 72% of Democrats said they would favor a candidate who backs abortion, while 58% of Republicans preferred the endorsement of abortion restrictions.


Surprisingly (to me), 57% overall opposed restrictions on the federal family planning program, which aspired to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood. 38% felt the opposite.

Despite the Left’s terror over the prospect of Roe v. Wade being handing its walking papers, the change wouldn’t do away with abortion; the decision would simply revert to the states.

Do you think Roe v. Wade will ever be reviewed? Do you think it would be good for the country?

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