Syria, North Korea...America? Actor Ron Perlman Erupts, Reality Doesn't Matter, and Obama's Errors Are Amish: You Can't Take a Picture of Them

Ron Perlman at the 18th Annual Emmys Golf Classic presented by the Television Academy Foundation at the Wilshire Country Club on Monday, October 30, 2017, in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision for Television Academy/AP Images)


On Monday, Actor Ron Perlman made an incredible statement on Twitter.

Perlman, who played Vincent on TV’s Beauty & the Beast and starred in Sons of Anarchy and the (absolutely terrible) film Pacific Rim, claimed that, among the worst human rights violators on earth, is…


Wait for it…


Perlman was responding to news that the U.S. would be pulling out of the United Nations Human Rights Council (citing the group’s chronic bias against Israel), which Obama joined in 2009.

Call it a knee-jerk reaction. Or maybe, take out “knee”:

He also jumped the gun and caved to that perplexing leftist paranoia of being surrounded by Nazis:

I say “perplexing,” because Nazi stands for “National Socialist.”


To his credit, he corrected his mistake:

You know the credit I just gave him? Well, I’m cashing that in now, and he still owes, because of this:

The photo he used was from a staged protest:

Seemingly, to Perlman, real vs. fake is an argument of semantics.

Perhaps his most lucid tweet was this gem of a defense:


Good one!

In the meantime, the very real uproar across the country over this photo was also wrong:


“Wrong,” as in, it was not recently taken. It was, in fact, a picture of children in a very real situation…in 2014. When that piece of information came to light, suddenly no one was upset about it anymore. But perhaps Perlman should use it as evidence: America — in this case, under Obama — violates human rights.

I’m waiting for that tweet, with very bated breath.


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