Complete Idiot Peter Fonda Calls for Rape of 12-Year-Old Barron Trump and Naked Public Torture of Kirstjen Nielsen


As a political writer, I often cover stories of people doing ridiculous things. In the process, I try not to be too angular with my criticism. I believe it’s better to temper my tone, nudging the reader toward a particular point of view and hopefully sparking a discussion.


Having said that, Peter Fonda is a complete idiot.


On Wednesday, the left-winger perhaps most famous for Easy Rider — in which he co-starred with outspoken Republican (and Easy Rider director) Dennis Hopper — posted tweets protesting family separation at the border.

I’ll stop here to point out that the practice is mandated by a law originating with the Clinton administration’s agreement to the Flores settlement, later made into law and then re-interpreted by a liberal appeals court in the Obama era (read more here).

Therefore, Fonda was actually protesting something which had been in place long before Trump, as if Trump had invented it, and in the context of a debate which was ignited by a photo of a child in a cage from 2014, which is to say, during Obama’s presidency (see that here).

So right out of the gate, Fonda was ignorant…

But here we go:

Brace for some very coarse language, or abort mission…

How’s that for a man who cares about children????


The obvious idiocy of a man claiming to stand up for children while tweeting the above is, of course, enough to dismiss him from the conversation altogether. But just in case you’d forgotten where some on the far Left have taken, not only hypocrisy, but civility, here are a few more reminders:

There ya go. The side that’s for women, folks. They’re all about protecting women. Naked, whipped women.

In case you’re unclear on what a pillory is, think “the stocks” from Puritanical times.


Stephen Miller is a Trump advisor who some on the Left wrongly credit with family separation. The proper credit, again, goes to the Flores Settlement Agreement, and those who break the law and are therefore subject to it.

Goebbels, as a reminder, was the antisemitic, anti-Christian Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda, who encouraged Hitler to take action against the Jews. Ever seen Schindler’s List? Remember the yellow Star of David badges? That was his idea.

Just like kidnapping, child rape, and torture are Peter Fonda’s ideas.

Fonda has even more of a plan:

Hey, dummy: the country elected him. He isn’t the monster they want to stop; he’s the President they voted in.

Secondly, this “monstrous” separation of children and jailed parents happens every time a parent goes to jail in the U.S. Where’s Fonda’s protest there?

Thirdly, it happens at the border because of legislation related to Democrats and liberals.

Thankfully, 90 million people aren’t listening to him.

Hopefully, no one is.

No one should.

Because Peter Fonda is an imbecile.

[If I may point to one additional element of stupidity: Fonda’s Twitter photo is of him holding up the “peace” sign. Does he sound like a man of peace? It’s just one more punctuation of the total emptiness — the vapidity of the some on the far Left’s feel-good narcissism. Their virtuous words have no meaning. Just say grand words with grandiose definitions, like “tolerant,” “inclusive,” “love,” etc., and then do and say whatever you wish, irrespective of whether it contradicts your feigned show of righteousness.]


[Also, note the comment by “I AM ANIMAL” in the last tweet, the screen name indicating they are protesting murderers being called “animals” (more on those here), yet they are perfectly fine with Peter Fonda calling for the rape of a child and the torture and naked whipping of others]

In the meantime, Melania called the Secret Service over the threats. As well she should have. The First Lady’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, had this to say:

“The tweet is sick and irresponsible.”

I think that’s a bit of an understatement.

How about this as a statement: Peter Fonda is an idiot who should be…

How would you finish that sentence?

Will a Fonda ever do anything politically that isn’t humiliating to the family?

Let me know what you think the result of his tweets should be.

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