USA Today: Media 'Finally' Calls Trump a Liar; More Lies from Those Who Claim the Truth


As the culture and conversation continue to spin out of control, and as the media increases its intense level of dishonesty in order to achieve its political goals, the truth almost becomes as frustrating as its mortal enemy: it is, at this point, a looming and maddening minority reminder of how insane the majority is.


As one small example of the idiocy, USA Today ran the following June 19th headline:

“News media finally calls out Trump on his lies. It took children in cages to make it happen.”

That headline is, of course, nothing but a lie.

It’s sad when you don’t even need to read the article in order to hit a wall of fiction.

I’m amazed that any person could possibly refer to the media calling Trump a liar and use the word “finally.” The left-wing media have been calling him a liar ever since he began his presidential campaign as a Republican. That was all it took — just that little “R” next to his name. From then on, everything he said was a lie, and everything he did was evil.

Didn’t you know? Republicans are all evil Hitlers with hokey-villain-level sinister intentions to destroy the world.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, because you are, too. If you even exist, which you very well may not — audiences, according to the impression of Hollywood and television’s talking heads, are comprised solely of liberal Democrats.


Oh, and about that “children in cages” thing — the photo igniting controversy, of a child in a cage, turned out to be from June of 2014. It was taken during the Obama presidency.


Another photo being used online to stir things up was staged as part of a protest.

The dishonest headline by one of the nation’s most recognized outlets does accurately indicate one truth, however: when it comes to the media, the lies found within are, sadly, a pretty good example of the USA today.



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