Everyone's a Critic: HuffPost Strikes at Clinton-Era Settlement Law with Pediatrician's Child Abuse Claim Against Trump 'Policy'


It’s hard to choose: who do I say this story is about? HuffPost, for covering it? Or CNN, for featuring it? How about other news outlets touting it?


My headline says HuffPost, because CNN is just so overplayed. But the extreme-left network is where it occurred.

“It,” by the way, is Colleen Kraft’s appearance and subsequent comments. Kraft is the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She was speaking about Donald Trump. He’s the President of the United States. It was brought to us by CNN. They’re the president of saying things that aren’t accurate.

But, I digress…

According to HuffPost, the pediatrician dropped the hammer on the President’s “policy” of the law being followed. She told CNN the law — the present mandate of which was altered by the Obama-era 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — amounts to child abuse:

“These children have been traumatized on their trip up to the border, and the first thing that happens is we take away the one constant in their life that helps them buffer all these horrible experiences. That’s child abuse.”

Where was CNN to tell us this, when children were being separated during Obama’s presidency? Furthermore, those minors have been “traumatized” by the journey their parents have forced them to make. Donald Trump had no part in it — he was busy doing other things, like criticizing Democrats, watching Fox & Friends, and tweeting from his gold toilet.


Kraft recalled her recent trip to a “shelter for migrant children” (read: illegal immigrants; “migrants” is misleading) near the border. Though the children were screaming, she protested, neither she nor the shelter’s employees “were allowed to touch or console them.”

Hmmm… Well, let’s look into that. This is Harold (not his real name):

Harold works at a refuge for very young children whose parents are in jail for breaking the law. Harold really wants to touch the kids; should he be allowed to?

Does the policy suddenly seem far more reasonable now?

Dr. Colleen asserted experiences such as those of the minors at hand produce “toxic stress” which can “[inhibit] development of their brains.”

[Predicted upcoming headline: “Donald Trump gives children brain damage.”]

“It disrupts their brain architecture and keeps them from developing language and social emotional bonds and gross motor skills and the development that they could possibly have.”

HuffPost pointed out the AMA is on board as well:

“Kraft’s stance is backed by the American Medical Association, which adopted a resolution last week stating that a policy of separating children from their caregivers after crossing into the U.S. ‘will do great harm’ to children and could ‘create negative health impacts that will last an individual’s entire lifespan.'”


[Scratch that; “Donald Trump gives children brain damage and ruins their entire lives.” Better.]

Do Kraft and the AMA — and HuffPost and CNN, for that matter — have the same attitude when parents go to prison? Do they demand the children be locked up with them? I’m only wondering if they’re consistent.

Something tells me they’re not; not because I know what they believe, but because they’re HuffPost and CNN.


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