Who's Your Daddy? Trump Tweets Like a Boss on Father's Day


On Sunday, a very tweet-happy Trump defended the North Korea summit and castigated those denying its success.

Many have suggested the Singapore meeting was weak on results, yet Trump pointed out that — thanks to the groundbreaking assemblage — Kim Jong-un agreed to end nuclear testing and set hostages free.


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Now back to the story. Here’s The Donald’s tweet I was setting up two paragraphs ago:

Trump specifically responded to Chuck Schumer’s derision of the international meet-up:

In defense of criticism that the President surrendered too much during negotiations with Kim, he pointed out that the end to war games — military preparedness exercises — among American and South Korean forces was actually his idea:


Moreover, The Donald claimed that — thanks to the super successful summit — all of Asia is as happy as a lark over the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. According to Trump, only biased hacks would rather see POTUS fail.

Don’t be a biased hack, y’all!

Trump was on a roll!

He also praised the economy,

trumpeted his way cool relationship with Merkel,


and downed Mueller and Comey.

Whatever kind of Fathers Day you had, one thing’s for certain: Donald Trump was celebrating like a boss. Who’s your daddy?!


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