Peter Wehner on MSNBC: RedStaters and Christians Have Sold Their Souls


Controversial Republican nominee Corey Stewart won the Virginia primary Tuesday night, while South Carolina’s Mark “Never Trumper” Sanford got dusted. Therefore — guest Peter Wehner made clear on MSNBC — Republicans and Christians have sold their souls for Trump.


That would be President Trump, incidentally, who — according to Wehner — hasn’t yet accomplished much of anything notable since his election.

Um, how about the North Korea summit literally the day before?

Host Stephanie Ruhle asked members of her panel what the plights of Stewart and Sanford indicated about the Republican party. Specifically, she questioned the conscience of the GOP.

Wehner, speechwriter for George W. Bush, claimed there is none:

“Well, it doesn’t exist anymore. And the results of last night are going to make it even truer. … [Never Trumpers] won’t speak publicly because they are afraid of losing.”

He went on to accuse the President of having a “disorder personality.”

Ruhle then played a clip of Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., calling Trump’s presidency the most conservative era in his political career.


Wehner had special thoughts about that:

“That claim by McConnell is ridiculous. Even on the grounds of policy, Trump has not achieved that much. The tax cut was the big thing. The reality is that if you look at what he’s achieved versus Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush or any other president, Republican Democrat or in the first year, it’s pretty minimal.”

Or any other president??

Wehner continued his castigation of the morality of Trump and Republicans:

“This is a man who is a pathological liar, that is not only engaged on an assault on truth, he’s trying to annihilate truth. The Republican party is his sword and his shield. And they are complicit in the lies, and they are complicit in the deep immorality, and I don’t mean just immorality in terms of his sexual ethics. I’m talking a man who is basically, at his heart, a nihilist. A kind of Nietzsche, and a person who believes that might makes right. And the Republican party, which was born…in the era of the Civil War and Lincoln — who is the greatest moral leader that America’s ever produced — has now aligned with this person who is a moral idiot.”

Gee, Pete; how do you really feel?

There’s no doubt Stephanie Ruhle was loving every minute — in response to Robert De Niro’s June 10th “F*** Trump” explosion at the Tonys, she recently said, “I shout some of those words in the shower.”


In fact, she followed Wehner’s comments with, “Okay, so we could agree with that.”

Rulhe then asked, “What do you say to evangelical Christians who say, ‘You don’t need to like the boss, as long as he gets the job done?'”

Wehner was succinct:

“I’d say a couple of things. They’re selling their soul for judges.”

By traditional Republican standards, on policy, Trump has been very good. Yet clearly, for some — as Wehner illustrates, and to the delight of MSNBC — like a D list actor in an A list movie, the President will remain uncredited.


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