CNN Fears Trump Administration May Take 'Victory Lap' Over I.G. Report


CNN wasted no time fretting over the pro-Trump ramifications of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s management of the Clinton email investigation.


On CNN Newsroom, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin steadied the ship from waves of Trump vindication:

“[There’s plenty of ammunition for both sides…If you think the FBI didn’t like Hillary Clinton and didn’t want to see her elected president and was biased against her, you can find that in this report.”

The other can be found as well, he asserted.

That assessment, incidentally, stands in stark contrast to conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro’s evaluation. He tweeted a very clear categorization of the information found in the document:

Meanwhile, back at the Clinton News Network:

As for any notion the FBI stood against Trump, chief political analyst Gloria Borger shushed any talk of bias, lamenting, “What we’re seeing in the reaction here is a very partisan reaction and predictable.”


Furthermore, Borger defended FBI agents, in consideration of their personal political convictions:

“[They’re] allowed to have opinions but you check it at the door. That did not happen, but the inspector general did not take it to the next step and say that there was a conspiracy, that it was pervasive throughout the FBI, that it did affect either the Hillary Clinton investigation or it did run over into the Russia investigation, which the President has said is rigged because these same people were investigating him.”

Host Brooke Baldwin expressed fear the White House — via Sarah Huckabee’s impeding media conference — may claim victory in the aftermath of the report’s exposure of anti-Trump maneuvers:

“You know, let me just go out on a limb, everyone, and assume that they’re going to take this victory lap, right? We keep hearing these words — ‘witch hunt’ — from the President. You know, she’ll say it’s justified, but I think also…it’s so important not to conflate. You know, Comey can screw up, violate the Department’s norm on the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation, but that has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the Mueller-Russia investigation. “


Toobin agreed:

“Right. Although it will be easy for Sarah Sanders and the President to combine those two events.”

At the White House, Jim Acosta expressed irritation that the press briefing was postponed:

“I think they’re loading more cannon balls into the cannons over here to respond to this I.G. report.”

A CNN reporter is excoriating the White House for loading its political arsenal? Bold words, when you work for the Cannonball News Network.


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