MSNBC: Paul Manafort Headed for the Hoosegow by Friday

Paul Manafort, right, President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, arrives at Federal District Court for a hearing, Wednesday, May 23, 2018, in Washington. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)


Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, is likely to be carried off to the big house by week’s end. This, according to former U.S. attorney Harry Litman.


For the younger readers: “big house” (and “hoosegow”) = prison.

Litman made his claim to MSNBC Tuesday:

“Prosecutors hate this, judges hate this, and he’s going to have to bring his toothbrush to court on Friday because the statute says, if they find this happened, there’s a presumption that no circumstances exist that will get him safely there for trial. So there’s the real prospect that he now goes to jail, never to leave even until the end of his sentence.”

As pointed out by RedState’s streiff last Tuesday, special counsel Robert Mueller filed papers accusing Manafort of attempted tampering of witnesses.

On Monday, Mueller requested Manafort’s release conditions — which have included house arrest — be revoked or revised.

Litman — a lecturer at UCLA’s School of Law — said Manafort’s (alleged) actions have been foolish:

“This is the stupidest thing that a defendant can do, this sort of witness tampering. He’s looking at being in prison, which is a very sort of focusing event, by Friday.”

Last year, Manafort was indicted on 12 counts, including tax fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy against the United States.

There certainly does seem to be a lot going on:


Do you think these things will blow back on Trump to a perilous degree?

Is he truly, deeply vulnerable, or is all this a lot of ominous sound coming from the siren wails of alarmists?


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