Changing Jockeys: CNN Pushes Male Horse Racer Who Now Identifies as a Woman

On Friday, the news organization spotlighted a male dress-wearing horse jockey as part of its effort to promote transgenderism. 

52-year-old Vince Smith, who is now going by Victoria, said he was inspired to become a woman by Caitlyn Jenner.


Writer and Olympic correspondent Matt Majendie said…well…check this out:

“As Vince Smith, she boasted 250 races as a jockey before hanging up the whip but has made a return to the saddle as she transitions to becoming a woman making her the first jockey to ride as both a male and female.”

This is where we are, folks. “As Vince, she boasts 250 races.” She is the first jockey to be a man. And also — let us not forget — he is the first jockey to be a woman. 

Ever the realist, Victoria, can’t help but note that his return to racing has been most triumphant: 

“The reaction of the racing community has been fabulous. I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction. I’ve still got a long way to go, there will be rocky times and it can’t all be rosy.”

Smith came in second place in his last race, riding a horse called Roy Rocket who, oddly enough, is castrated yet still male.

Majendie described Victoria’s plight as a youngster:

“Smith always knew she was different from the age of four or five but, as she puts it, ‘I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.’

“The idea she wanted to be a girl gnawed away at her but, ‘I think it took longer to accept it as I was attracted to females.'”


Yeah, that does make it, perhaps, more complicated. Or, wait — does it?  Who’s more likely to want to be with a man dressed as a woman? A woman, because it’s a man, or a man, because he’s dressed like a woman? Or maybe, since he’s a man dressed as a woman, he needs a woman dressed as a man? In that case, you have a straight couple dressed as a converse straight couple. Or how about a gay man, also dressed as a woman? Voila: gay men masquerading as lesbians. Actually, I’m not sure anything is any more or less complicated; once you pull those pantyhose over your balls, it’s complicated.  

Vince’s heterosexuality apparently kept at bay the lure of a mink stole:

“Smith had a series of long-term relationships with women, relationships that ‘put it to the back of my mind, suppressed it really.'”

However, that stole could only be resisted for so long:

“But increasingly, Smith would be attracted by (to?) women as much by their looks as enviously eying (sp) their clothes, jewelry and make-up.”


C’mon, CNN — fix your typos.

The Left have cast the entire political landscape as an old Geraldo episode. Geraldo used to have on skinheads or Klansmen for the novelty of it. Now, according to the Left, that’s the Republican Party. Geraldo also used feature transvestites; enter the new huge-handed darlings of the Left.


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