Kim Jong-un Takes Singapore with a Dozen Running Guards


To quote Rod Stewart, tonight’s the night.

At 9 p.m., President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will have a sit-down and try to come up with a path to world peace.


That’s a tall order, but Trump leads the free world and Kim leads, well, the very, very, very, very, very unfree world. At least, his piece of it. And, as reported by RedState’s Sarah Lee earlier today, NK’s media said the two heads will work toward a “permanent and durable peace-keeping mechanism.”

Trump was ready to get down to it!

And part of that get-down will involve running.

Not running the world, or running the military, but, rather, literally just running — Kim Jong-un’s bodyguards will be running alongside his car, in suits like they stole ’em.

At April’s inter-Korean summit, the dozen guys impressed the world with their flanked jogging alongside Kim’s limo.

The guys are back again, questionably volunteering to take a bullet for the beloved…no…the popular…hmmm…well, dictator. Yes — they’re ready to take a bullet for the dictatorial ruler who is not above making people mysteriously disappear or go into suspicious comas.


On Sunday, at Singapore’s St. Regis Hotel — purportedly Kim’s oppressively-iron-fistedly-ruled home away from oppressively-iron-fistedly-ruled home for the meeting, the Supreme Leader’s big ol’ car showed up, complete with what looked like 12 men training for a prize fight. But in suits.

According to HuffPost:

“His car was surrounded by jogging bodyguards, all dressed in identical black suits. It was about 90 degrees and sunny, with humidity at about 70 percent, when Kim arrived.”

Take a look:

Something tells me muscle cramps are frowned upon.


You wanna be bad to the bone? Give the Kim Jong-un Bodyguard Troupe a go. Or, as they’re officially known, the Main Office of Adjutants.

According to the BBC, the men are chosen from the Korean People’s Army trainees “fulfilling their national service conscription of obligations.”

The men are selected according to their similar height to Kim, their marksmanship skills, and their mastery of martial arts.
How about their ability to run in dress shoes?

There are around 150 members of the Main Office of Adjutants, who serve their leader for approximately a decade each.

In addition to the group immediately surrounding Kim, The Guard Command make up the 2nd and 3rd lines of defense around the dictator. They secure the property wherever he’s going to go. They also secure Kim’s telephone lines and computers.

Security for the Supreme Leader is going to no doubt be especially fierce during the summit — Kim has been said to be very concerned about assassination attempts while abroad.


Let’s hope Donald Trump’s security team is equally as adept. Meeting with one of the world’s most brutal dictators can be a dangerous affair.

And I’m glad it’s not Hillary as president at the event; they’d probably spend all their time discussing borrowing one another’s clothes.


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