Planned Parenthood Chief Says Only a 'Tiny Sliver' of the Populace is Against Abortion

A child spells out the word "abortion" to her mom during a pro-abortion rally outside of Congress while the abortion bill is debated by legislators in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, March 20, 2018. More than 70 Argentine lawmakers of several political parties presented a bill Tuesday to legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)


Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens says anyone who is pro-life is anti-woman. Including…women…wait…huh?

In a article Thursday called “The Patriarchy is Wobbling,” she attacked:


“The anti-women, anti-autonomy agenda (is)…why Planned Parenthood is always a target.”

Laguens gave Ireland a big high-five for overturning its abortion ban last month, praising voters for “trusting women” and “restoring women’s right to make decisions about their bodies and their health.”

By contrast, she said, the pro-life position taken by President Trump and VP Mike Pence is the product of simply “pandering to a tiny sliver of voters who are deeply invested in maintaining the longstanding, lopsided distribution of power, by resisting the rights of more than half the population.”

A tiny portion?

So tiny they won the election????

That tiny?


Furthermore, she said, the right to kill an unborn child is the right of women equality…
Hold up…
I’m confused by her point…

Incidentally: why, you ask, do I equate Laguens’s mention of abortion with the killing of a child? Because Planned Parenthood has no policy limitation on how late an abortion can be performed. If your state will allow it, they will do it.

Anyway, this is what she says about that process, to which she refers as simply body ownership. Why hello, euphemism:


“We started more than 100 years ago with an idea much bigger than birth control — it was the idea that our bodies are our own. If they’re not, then we cannot be free, and we cannot be equal.”

If you don’t agree with people aborting babies, you know what you are?

You’re the same thing that people who are opposed to other liberal ideas are:



“For some, women with power is a terrifying prospect. They believe their status depends on keeping women below them. In their eyes, our rise means they’re sinking. So they’re grabbing at regressive laws to keep women submerged and ‘in their place.'”

How about it, men — do you feel yourself sink every time a woman rises? Are you “terrified?”

Women — do you believe your right to abort your (statistically more likely to be) female child is the litmus test for whether or not females are equal to their terrified male counterparts?

Really, it doesn’t matter what you think. You’re an anti-girl tiny sliver.

And Dawn Laguens’s got your number. Especially you cowering, murderous men:

“There can be no doubt — the patriarchy is wobbling. Its adherents are desperately propping it up with anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, racist, and ableist policies; with hate crimes and hate-filled rants online and in Manhattan restaurants; with the homicidal violence of “incels” — a group of men organizing online who believe they’re entitled to sex with women.

“These are threads in the same ideological quilt that is, at its core, about controlling our bodies and our lives. The power of a man to lock his office door with a button on his desk in order to prey on women and the power to silence doctors about abortion are inextricably linked.”



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