ABC's 'Nightline': Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Baker 'Ironic'


On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips. The decision was a win for religious freedom, as well business owners who should be permitted to conduct their affairs according to personal conviction.


However, on ABC’s Nightline, a different court was held: that of the left-wing media.

Subsequently, Phillips was found guilty of crimes against human rights.

Co-host Juju Chang scolded guest Phillips for not making cakes for gay weddings:

“You’re well aware that history, historically, businesses have used religious exemptions to deny service to African-Americans at hotels or restaurants.”

Though the host admitted the point could be made that the high court’s ruling constituted “a narrow victory for religious rights activists,” she was still utterly confused by the result:

“At least four justices affirming gay rights, but ruling in favor of the baker because, ironically, they say it was [Phillips] who faced anti-religious bias, calling out the Colorado Commission’s language as disrespectful and hostile towards his sincere religious beliefs.”

Note: “ironically.”

Again: ironically.

She pressed Phillips:

“You don’t see it as an act of discrimination.”

Chang waxed:

“There’s the slippery slope of, ‘Does this chip away at other artisans, whether it’s a jeweler or a makeup artist or others, who would then have the ability to essentially boycott gay marriages?'”


“[Gay groups] worry this ruling could open the floodgates for bigotry, hiding behind religious exemptions.”



On Monday, the Supreme Court sided with freedom.

The court did its job, which is to employ principles of liberty, rather than enforce what feels right in the hearts of those on the Left. Our country was founded upon perceived truths. Ones that give all citizens — including those who are gay or lesbian — the right to choose how they live; in this case, the way they run their business, as well. And the things they support in the process, according to their own beliefs. Jack Phillips did that. Moving forward, the precedence of his case will allow others to do the same — people of all dogmas, in, as Michael Medved has said many times, “this greatest nation on God’s green earth.”

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