Arrested Development Lampoons Trump in Season 5


In the first half of Arrested Development’s fifth season — released to Netflix Tuesday — the program takes several jabs at ol’ President Donald Trump. The show’s plot takes place before Trump ascended to the presidency, but why waste an opportunity?


In “Everyone Gets Atrophy” — the third installment — Lindsay’s daughter and campaign manager, Maeby, attempts to derail her mom’s run for office by feeding her lines that will kill her chances. To her chagrin, however, her best efforts are met with rising polling data. She marvels at the response:

“The more offensive it is, the more people get behind her.”

At one point, Lindsay is at the podium making fun of a Wee Britain journalist with a speech problem, referencing Trump’s alleged mocking of a disabled person (of which the then-candidate was wholly innocent — see the bottom of this page). Later, not realizing her mic is on, Lindsay is caught saying “I wouldn’t mind grabbing him by the tush,” referencing, well, you know.

Ron Howard as narrator points out:

“Many of the offensive comments almost seem quaint by today’s standards.”

When Lindsay’s nephew, George Michael, spends time in Mexico, he encounters a belligerent Mexican Wetzel’s Pretzel’s worker who apologizes for his attitude:

“I’m probably grumpy because I was out late last night, raping and murdering.”

In the episode entitled “Self-Deportation,” a Mexican woman who assists deportees explains to Maeby, “We are helping these people because nobody else will. They’ve been kicked out of the only country they’ve ever known for their whole lives because of the cruelty of your president —

Barack Obama.” Caught you off-guard with that one, didn’t I? Apparently, the show isn’t afraid to point out the hard-to-swallow the truth — Obama deported people.


In the season’s last outing, after living for a while with a 75-year-old woman, Maeby tells her brother it’s okay to let his dad believe a lie, “like how people think the world’s melting because people drive cars, or that Hillary should continue to roam free.” She turns to the television and proclaims, “Goodbye, Fox & Friends.”

All of this sounds like another batch of typical anti-Republican propaganda. And maybe it is. However, if you aren’t watching Arrested Development, you’re really missing out. I read the comments at the bottoms of my articles. And I find the RedState readers to be highly intelligent and impressively expressive. Therefore, I implore you: check out the show. It is not for the dumb. Its wit and smarts are heads and shoulders above arguably everything else on the boob tube.

For coverage of something pegging the genius meter much differently, here’s an article about The View (although, I must say: Candace Cameron’s turn was quite admirable and spectacular).

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