CNN Lauds Teacher Who Gives Trump a Third Grade Lashing


My, how the mainstream media love to attack the President of the United States.

They love it.

The LOVE it.

They LOVE it!!!!

CNN’s New Day opened a segment Tuesday with the following:


“A retired English teacher is schooling President Trump on grammar and spelling. Yvonne Mason wrote a letter to the President after the Parkland massacre to express her disappointment in how the families of victims were treated. She got a form letter in response — as is par for the course — but the former teacher says she was so appalled by the errors in it that she pulled out her trusty teacher’s pen and marked up a response and sent it back.”

Alisyn Camerota was downright giddy.

The teacher explained:

“This random capitalization sort of goes against the grammatical tragedy of the commons where, if you just start randomly deciding which words are proper nouns and which aren’t, then how do you really expect the general public to follow that? And if you do it, then, what if I’m in a classroom and somebody shows me something…It’s just a matter of clear communication.”

Camerota — smiling from ear to ear and sometimes laughing — finished Yvonne’s sentence, like they were best friends.

“Yes! And consistency! The things we all learned! Agreed. I understand why this drives you crazy. I like your note at the top of where you marked it up, where you say, ‘Have y’all tried Grammar and Style Check?’ Because there are computer programs that help you with some of those things.”


Co-host John Berman pined:

“I love what you do here, because I think it shows gumption.”

Gumption! Celebrate gumption!

Alisyn, still laughing like Jimmy Fallon in every SNL skit he ever attempted, asked, “Did you resend your letter with all the markups back to the White House? Did you hear back from them?”

Mason took the opportunity to ridicule Trump, to the ever-loving delight of the hosts:

“I have not…I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t already know about this since it’s…in the German newspapers by now. I can’t imagine this would make him particularly happy, that someone like me was picking on someone like him. But I don’t imagine I’m the only English teacher who’s ever marked up his papers, to tell you the truth.”

Cue Camerota’s laugh.

OH MY GOSH…I would LOVE to see what would have happened if New Day and that teacher had done this to Obama.

Love to.

LOVE to.

LOVE to!!!!

We definitely wouldn’t know who Camerota and Berman were now. Except for possibly as a cliche of racism, just as Clarence Thomas (unfairly) became a go-to reference for sexual harassment in the 90’s. As for Yvonne Mason? She’d be reading lots of German newspapers; because she would’ve had to move there — her white supremacist motherland.


Sadly, it could never have happened. CNN would’ve run for the hills on that one. But when it’s a Republican, it’s fine to smile, laugh, and call the President dumb. Because, as James Earl Jones has many times reminded us, “This is CNN.”

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