The Guardian Reports Today: This is the Terrible Cause of Mass Shootings


News site The Guardian has located the root cause of recent mass shootings in America.

Is it the NRA? The widespread availability of firearms? Poor background checks? Violence in video games and movies? Mental health? A breakdown of traditional values?


You can put aside your worries over all of the above. The article leads with this:

“The longer we ignore the toxic masculinity that underlies so many of these crimes, the more violence we’re enabling.”

There you have it, folks.

It’s masculinity. Or, let’s just say it: it’s men.

Men are the problem.

Men may be the ones who stop crime, by and large. Men may be protectors in every known civilization. But testosterone prompts aggression; and if The Guardian is to be believed, maleness must be stamped out like the evil mass-shooting fire it is.

“The massacre at Santa Fe high school last week that left 10 people dead – most of them students – seems to have something in common with so many other mass shootings that happen in the US: misogyny. The shooter, one victim’s mother claims, targeted her daughter as the first victim because she rejected his continued harassing advances.”

What in the world does angst or vengeance over rejection — if that was, in fact, any motivation for the murders — have to do with misogyny?

As defined by, misogyny is a “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”


If the shooter had been asking a girl out, doesn’t that mean he likes women? Secondly, haven’t all the mass shootings victimized boys, too?

Nevertheless, The Guardian asks:

“How many more tragedies have to happen before we recognize that misogyny kills? The longer we ignore the toxic masculinity that underlies so many of these crimes, the more violence we’re enabling.”

This is where we are with the far Left. And if you haven’t noticed, masculinity isn’t exactly thriving these days.

The piece goes on to say this:

“Women should not have to be afraid of rejecting a man lest he kills her and others; men should not grow up believing that they’re owed sex by women. These should not be tall orders.”

This idea isn’t as uncommon as one might expect (or hope) —


The Guardian and its like-minded man-haters need to brush up on what masculinity is. Let me help them:

Masculinity protects those who cannot protect themselves. Masculinity wants to lead, imbibed with a responsibility for any who follow. Masculinity is a shepherding instinct. Masculinity is the male drive to utilize responsible strength.

Or maybe I’m wrong; how do you define masculinity? Please let me know in the Comments section.

And most importantly, in this terrible world of toxic masculinity, we all know who is REALLY to blame for it all:


For Hollywood’s diagnosis of the mass shooting problem, please check out my article here.


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