National Die-In Day Is Coming: More From the Anti-Gun Left

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN - Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, center right, walks with Queer Eye's Karamo Brown, center, and Pulse nightclub survivor, Brandon Wolf, left, at the 2018 March For Our Lives on Saturday, March 24, 2018 in Washington. (Kevin Wolf/AP Images for Human Rights Campaign)


In a further effort to stop murders by protesting the thing that does not cause murders, a high school student is heading up protests in Orlando and Washington, DC.


18-year old Amanda Fugleberg, a senior form Orlando, is planning to designate National Die-In Day on June 12th. According to a tweet, the die-in will hopefully also take place “anywhere with lethal legislative inaction.”

Of course, the legislative inaction to which the protest refers is, ironically, in the area of allowing citizens to protect themselves against mass shooters.

The die-in will last 12 minutes — 1 second for what Fugleberg says represents each of 700 mass shootings in the United States. In this case, as per the not-for-profit Gun Violence archive, a mass shooting is any occurrence where at least four people are wounded.

The die-in concept is also being endorsed by David Hogg, an anti-gun voice among students at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, which encountered its own mass shooting in February.


Fugleberg says she got the idea for the protest when she realized the vacation her mother was giving her for graduation would place her in Washington on the second anniversary of Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub shooting, which left 49 people dead.

There are laws, of course, which already address mass shooting: in the case of the Orlando attack, the shooter used a legally purchased rifle while committing the very illegal act of mass murder.



The Orlando shooting was an act of Islamic terrorism. However, in the view of some, that isn’t nearly as bad as toxic masculinity. Check out my article on that very subject here.


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