Mom Says Daughter Humiliated Santa Fe Shooter Just Prior to Her Murder

Mourners gather during a prayer vigil following a shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday, May 18, 2018. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)



The mother of a girl killed Friday in the Santa Fe High School mass shooting says her daughter rejected the boy charged with multiple counts of capital murder.

Shana Fisher had become an object of affection for 17-year-old Dirk Douchebag (not his real name), according to her mom Sadie Rodriquez, who told the AP:

“He kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no. … He continued to get more aggressive. … She finally stood up to him and embarrassed him.”

The humiliating moment occurred a week before Douchebag opened fire in an art class.

A lawyer for the Douchebag family said he was unaware of any interaction between the killer and any of his victims and therefore could not comment.

However, according to a police affidavit:

“[The murderer] gave a statement admitting to shooting multiple people inside the Santa Fe High School with the intent on killing people. … [Douchebag] advised he did not shoot students he did like so he could have his story told.”

We’ve come quite a ways from the school experiences of old. Kids used to take frogs to school. As Jeff Foxworthy has pointed out, “If you took a frog to school today, somebody’d shoot it.” In times past, romantic rejection didn’t end with a body count. In almost every case, of course, it still doesn’t. But these are nevertheless changing times. If we cannot diagnose the sickness, we cannot treat the disease.

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