Right Here: Mass Murder is the Problem, and Today, Hollywood Has the Answer


Searching for answers in the wake of a terrible tragedy, many people turn to God.

Others consult friends and family.

Perhaps some find wisdom in the words of experts.


However, there is a large contingent among the masses that looks nobly to that greatest bastion of superior thinking: Hollywood actors.

For many across the globe, those who sit in makeup for hours and have their clothes put on them by other adults, in order to stand on a taped X under bright lights and speak the words they are told, have the answers the world needs.

That is, at least, apparently according to…Hollywood actors.

In light of the terrible mass murder of 10 people at Santa Fe High School in Texas today, many Tinseltown elites took to the Twitterwaves in order to solve the planet’s problems in 280 characters or less.

For example, American Horror Story and Difficult People star Billy Eichman, for one, has it all figured out — Vice President Mike Pence is wrong; thoughts and prayers are the enemy:

Ed Asner and Julianne Moore blamed the atrocious murders committed by a lone 17-year-old boy on — him? That would make sense, right?


How about his parents? Nope:

Of course, it isn’t just the actors who have a lot to say. To Executive Producer Andy Lassner of The Ellen Show, “thoughts and prayers” is evil Republican-speak:


Conan sidekick Andy Richter questioned whether President Donald Trump is aligned with the Texas murderer:

Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon, who has made clear his far left views on many occasions, labeled the President’s expressed sympathy for the victims “a threat”:


Alyssa Milano — who uses armed guards, even at an anti-gun rally — called the idea that the NRA didn’t pull the trigger “spin.”

If I may, for a moment, break the fourth wall of writing:

Alyssa, the NRA didn’t “flood” America with guns. In fact, the NRA doesn’t make guns. They didn’t flood the country with guns; Americans — including your bodyguard — bought guns. And so, now they have them. There is a gigantic difference between the two. P.S. You seem like a nice person, and I loved you on Who’s the Boss.

One last, and perhaps most bizarre, Hollywood offering: in a completely perplexing move, writer/director Judd Apatow accused Donald Trump — who is worth billions of dollars and financed his own presidential campaign — of being owned by the NRA.



Hollywood — perhaps the last place in the world to be accused of having a moral high ground — sure loves to call that elevated hunk of dirt its own. The response to the Texas shooting is no exception. They’re solving the world’s problems, one issue at a time. If only they could keep their industry from being riddled with drug abuse, infidelity, sexual harassment, narcissism, and scandal. But I suppose the same could be said of Washington. And the beat goes on…



For more about a Hollywood insider’s solution to the world’s problems, check out my article on George Clooney’s wife’s message to Vanderbilt Graduates. 


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