WNBA Thinks Aborting Women Helps Them

For the good of women everywhere, apparently, the Womens National Basketball Association is teaming up with a group guaranteed to NOT produce the future’s best female basketball players…or best females…or best basketball players…or best people…or ANY people: Planned Parenthood.


Under a “new women and girls empowerment program” this year, WNBA ticket purchasers will “have the chance to support (one of) several organizations that are changing the game for women and girls.” Among those six game-changers is the country’s largest abortion provider.

As stated on the league’s official website, the program is called “Take a Seat, Take a Stand.” Word is out on how those benefitting will stand, after having had their legs ripped off in the womb.

With each ticket, the WNBA will donate $5 to the left-wing charity of your choice. Wanna see a game and pitch in to have a stranger aborted? Alley-oop!

The sports institution announced its stupendous offer via Twitter, using a video from the (Left-wing) Women’s March, complete with rainbow flags and p*ssy hats. Pro-life women were not welcome there.

According to the promo, “This season, your ticket supports more than women’s basketball. It supports women.”

Lisa Borders, president of the WNBA, gloated:

“For 22 years, the WNBA and its players – women playing at the highest level of their sport – have stood up as role models for millions of women and girls,” Borders said. “We are proud to come together as a league to stand with our partner organizations, our fans and the many inspiring women raising their voices for change in the current women’s movement.”


Planned Parenthood is also stoked. In a statement, Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens enthused:

“We’re so grateful the WNBA is standing up for the 2.4 million patients who rely on Planned Parenthood and supporting issues that affect the health, well-being, and success of women and girls.”

You’d might as well go see a game; your taxes are already being donated to the abortion giant to the tune of $543.7 million.

This isn’t the first time the WNBA has worshipped at the altar of abortion. The Seattle Storm threw their wallet into the offering plate last June:

Planned Parenthood has aborted almost 4 million women.



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