EXCLUSIVE: Dana Loesch Provides Correspondence Contradicting Former "Hey Dude" Star's Claim She Approached Him

Paul Guyot is a Hollywood film and television producer & writer, best known for his incredible work on the blockbuster film, Geostorm, which lost somewhere between $50-$100 million and sports a 13% rating at Rotten Tomatoes (don’t worry, the fans liked it more where it topped out a 38%.)


Recently, Paul decided to tweet what he alleges took place some ten years ago between himself and NRA Spokeswoman, Dana Loesch.


Interestingly, Dana recalls it somewhat differently. She showed me the tweet at CPAC, laughing it off as some idiot that approached her years ago to try and get attention for himself. I asked if she had any correspondence saved from that long ago and if so, to forward it to me.

She couldn’t find any email correspondence, but she did find a much nicer version of Mr. Guyot when he sent her an invitation on LinkedIn about 9 years ago and she forwarded that over to me as I was considering writing a post about it.


The invitation reads, “Though I failed at making you a TV star, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – Paul.”

Weird how much that looks like he’s doing the approaching.  And correct me if I’m wrong, but if he “failed” to make her a “TV star” wouldn’t that indicate that like… he was trying to?

I mean, I may not have written the gripping episode of Judging Amy called “Sex, Lies and Expedia.com“, but I still feel like I can follow a plot. And in this plot, it seems like Mr. Guyot just really wanted to join in on the concerted effort to destroy Dana Loesch (along with the NRA) as the masterminds behind all gun related incidents, more specifically school shootings, while simultaneously offering almost no condemnation of as many as four armed officers who stood around outside and listened.  Everyone’s far too busy applauding those officer’s boss for pointing the finger at the NRA while knowing full well his own men had failed to act.


I had considered not posting it (she showed me the tweet on Thursday when it had about 225 retweets) and I decided I didn’t want to draw attention to this obvious ploy for attention from someone who shouldn’t need it after his widely acclaimed role as “bellman” in the 1993 blockbuster juggernaut, “Born Yesterday.”

But then Page Six picked up the story, as did the Daily Mail (I won’t link to that version since they went the extra mile and included the Loesch children’s names in the story), and it seemed like a good time for me to post this.

Dana also took a moment to respond releasing a statement on Twitter (a statement she would have happily provided to Page Six or Daily Mail had either bothered to ask or even contact her).

Which leads us to the question we should all be asking: what the HELL is going on here?

We’ve got 17 people, most of them kids, dead in a shooting by a deranged 19 year old who had tripped so many red flags for police and the FBI that he should’ve gotten arrested for merely looking at a gun; we’ve got as many as four Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies (the guys we’re told make our own personal armament unnecessary since they’re supposed to like… protect us) standing around questioning whether or not they should risk their lives in the same way the unarmed teachers were in the process of doing.  We’ve got phone tips and warnings sent to authorities with no followup, a youtube video that literally had the kids name where he specifically says he’s going to shoot up a school and no dots connected.


On all that? Much of the gun control side of the current debate seems more than content to say “hey, these things happen.”

Meanwhile, the real efforts are put behind boycotts and the promotion of sensationalized, attention-seeking, phony stories while endangering yet MORE kids by naming Dana’s children despite the many threats their family is now receiving and also “LOL she tweeted some stuff about her home seven years ago ROFLMAO.”

You can have all the issues you want with the NRA and its 5 million members, and the millions more that support them. You can take those issues and highlight them in debates about how we should deal with these situations just as I will take my support of many of the NRA’s positions into those same debates.

But if your answer to the ENTIRE question of school shootings centers around shaming one organization while glossing over the absolutely MASSIVE level of systemic failure that enabled this outcome, we no longer even need to debate whether or not children should be taking the lead on policy discussion.  Clearly, none of you are damn grown ups.


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