Watch As Rep. Steve King Realizes He's Been a Sucker on Live TV

There’s possibly nothing that was more foundational to Trump’s securing of the presidential nomination and eventual electoral victory than his “tough on immigration” stance.  From the border wall to the “Muslim ban”, Trump was called the Immigration Candidate during the election season and his promises to uphold campaign promises have been the cornerstone of how he will “get things done.”


When he unveiled his immigration reform plans last year, Ann Coulter was so excited she declared that she’d be fine with Trump performing abortion in the Oval Office as long as he kept those promises.

A great many of us looked at all his various over-the-top promises, looked at his history of being a carnival barking buffoon, and said to those buying what he was selling, “what, are you stupid?”

But there was no talking anyone out of it that had already bought in.

Fast forward to today and Rep. Steve King, an early Ted Cruz supporter who eventually succumbed to Trump’s wiles, was on CNN discussing the controversial issue of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). It was a hot topic during the campaign and one which Trump swore he’d undo.

But now, as is the fate of everyone that trusts this guy, he’s discovered his expectations were misplaced. And on CNN earlier today, he seemed to realize his error under questioning from Kate Bolduan about how he could reconcile Trump’s words promising repeal with his recent comments indicating he’d like to find a way for Congress to legalize the program.


Somehow he still seems to find the optimism to claim there is a process ahead that will fulfill the promises he bought into last year, but his conclusion that all of this is ultimately going to lead to Republicans vs Republicans in Congress at a time when coalescing around an agenda is vital is just about the only thing he got right.


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