WATCH: Reporter Rescues Woman from Stranded Vehicle

Reporter Jeremy Pierre of WHBQ-TV in Memphis, Tennessee, joins in with the journalistic heroism as he helps a woman stranded in a vehicle on heavily flooded waters.


This is becoming a trend it seems as shown by the CNN rescue earlier this week as well as the reporter who identified and called for help to save a man stranded in his semi in Texas.

Of that rescue, reported at The Blaze, the reporter had this to say of the experience.

In an interview with the truck driver, Smith told him that a year ago in that exact spot, another driver died.

Smith said on social media that it was her cameraman, Mario Sandoval, who spotted the truck first.

Once the trucker was safe, Smith asked him, “This is going to sound rude, but can I hug you? I’m so happy you’re OK!”

Guess they’re not all traitors who hate America, huh?


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