Too Much? Trump Actually DELETES A Tweet!

Donald Trump and his band of tough guys on what used to be the right love to brag about speaking openly and honestly and damn the consequences. If you don’t like it, you can just GET OUT!


David French has a perfect summary of this phenomenon which he calls “The Tough-Guy Right.”

So when Trump deleted a Tweet earlier today, yes DELETED, you have to wonder if the Alpha Keyboard finally typed something even the internet army wasn’t ready for. Here’s the deleted tweet:

You would be hard-pressed to find a conservative, a republican, or a Trumpublican who would call the media fair, balanced, even-handed, objective, and rational in all things. That they work from and for the left is hardly in doubt. But having the President of the United States declare them an enemy of the state (and by name!) is (or should be) a bit too much. Too far.


So surely he deleted it for that reason, right?

But no, sorry. It seems the tough typing, safe behind a computer bravado knows no bounds.

Yes it looks like he just forgot to add ABC News and wanted to be inclusive.

He really is the king of Twitter trolls. And contrary to what his loudmouth minions on social media think, that’s not remotely a compliment. Although they do do their tough talk remotely.


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