Stop Excusing Trump's Mania by Saying He's Just Trolling

Today social media and the D.C. media types who use social media as their barometer have spent the day having a go at flag burning and Donald Trump, after a preposterous, delusional, freedom-hating tweet by the president-elect.


There have been an assortment of reactions to this declaration by the President-Elect. The most concerning, has been those who say either “it’s no big deal” or even worse, they agree.

These are people that can’t differentiate between the justification for doing something, and the freedom to do something unjustifiable.

I hope I don’t have to explain to our readers why we are in the business of protecting the freedom to be a prick, but God knows, Donald Trump should be allowed to be who he is, and therefore all those flag burning, hippie idiots that think they are being brave by setting a piece of cloth on fire should have theirs.

It’s sort of the oldest cliche in the book. “I don’t agree with you, but I’ll die for your freedom to have your stupid opinion.”

This part is obvious (to me), but another alarming reaction is the amount of political intelligentsia who always or often react to Donald Trump’s inane ramblings on twitter by claiming that he’s a Machiavellian evil genius who hijacks the news cycle whenever he pleases by saying something that will upset everyone.


While it’s true that the news often leans towards the more sensational, it is hardly the case that we should ignore the thoughts as revealed via Mr. Trump’s twitter feed just because there is ostensibly something “more important” to discuss.

The conversation usually goes like this:


Super Intelligent Tweeter 2: “Stop getting distracted, you simpleton. He’s merely attempting to divert your small brain towards his foolishness in order to distract from something that I have deigned far more important.”

Tweeter 1: “Thank you pundit overlord for life-guarding my simple brain.”

Super Intelligent Tweeter 2: “Fetch me some coffee.”

Ok, maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that, but you get my drift. If someone says something bad, call them out. If they say two things that are bad (stay with me here) call them out for both things.

The entire premise of #NeverTrump was doing what was right in spite of conventional wisdom, or party politics. His victory, as stunning as it was, was not a license for him to continue being an authoritarian on twitter with no repercussions simply because there are other things that also matter.


This, much like understanding why someone should not infringe on an American’s right to be an idiot, should be a fairly simple concept. So ignore the condescension of “Super Intelligent Tweeter 2” and instead, gracefully accept my condescension because it is obviously superior.

With that out of the way, let me also mention, that (just an idea) it might, maybe, possibly, should bother you that the president-elect hasn’t even been inaugurated and he’s already discussing what grounds he believes should REVOKE YOUR CITIZENSHIP.

I get it. It’s just twitter.

But try to think of it as I do. This is his stream of consciousness. His thoughts, unfiltered, for everyone to see.

If that doesn’t frighten you, based on what you’ve already seen, plus today’s ridiculousness, then you deserve to be ruled.


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