Newt Gingrich to Megyn Kelly: "You are fascinated with sex." (VIDEO)

No amount of evidence could convince Newt that Trump is guilty of his sexual obsessions, but one interview with Megyn Kelly and he’s already completed his psychological analysis.


He was only a few words shy of diagnosing her with full-blown female hysteria.

Worth noting that back when Bill Clinton was dealing more heavily with the accusations against him (which it’s laughable Newt pretends wasn’t covered), the pushback was that Republicans were “obsessed with sex.” And of course Republicans, including Newt, said that was ridiculous and that this was a character issue.

But as is the case with everything else in the Trump orbit, #LOLnothingmatters.

This wasn’t even all the crazy. He also spent the first half of the interview completely denying all polling and sounding like his analysis was given under duress. Has anyone confirmed that his loved ones are safe? Did Trump kidnap them and tell Newt he has 24 hours to turn the tide?

See the full interview here.


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