Backfire: Bill Clinton Victim Sympathizes with Donald Trump Victims

Backfire: Bill Clinton Victim Sympathizes with Donald Trump Victims
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, looks on as Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault, speaks before the second presidential debate against democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Hillary says every survivor of sexual assault needs to be heard and believed. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, pointedly agreed, obviously meaning Bill’s victims. But one of Bill’s victims thinks maybe Trump’s accusers deserve the same sympathy and trust, something Keyllyanne and Donald are not willing to offer. In fact, they’ve been busily smearing his accusers. You know, like they complain about Hillary doing.

Yeah. That’s what this election for President of the United States is now. Who should believe whose sexual assault victims. Congratulations America.

Before the 2nd debate last week, Donald Trump made a big show of bringing four of Bill Clinton’s accusers to an opening press conference. The point was to highlight the moral shortcomings of Bill & Hillary Clinton. Bill for being a sexual predator & rapist. Hillary for being the strongarm enforcer of the victims’ silence.

His thunder was diminished ever so slightly at the time because the now infamous recording of Trump discussing women in roughly the same terms that one might expect Bill Clinton to, had come out only 2 days earlier and created a firestorm.

In the week following the debate, his narrative of superiority was further diminished by 9 different accusers coming forward essentially to corroborate Trump’s own take on how he treated women.

No one thus far is even attempting to claim that victims like Juanita Broaddrick aren’t telling a factual account of how Bill Clinton treated them, but the juiciness of Trump attempting to paint himself as some hero of rape victims only to watch his narrative unravel has proven too much for the media that has covered Bill’s shenanigans for 20 years.

So Jake Tapper attempted this evening to merge the worlds, asking Broaddrick on his show whether or not she believed Trump’s accusers.

“Jake, I don’t have an educated answer for that because I haven’t read about these women.” She went on “If these accounts are true…yeah. If any possibility of these accounts being true then I express my sympathy to the women, that y’know that anything might’ve happened to.”

The way the situation has turned has Trump camp and their supporters trying to change the subject all of the sudden.

Donald himself is now accusing the MEDIA of being responsible for all of the sexual assault focus.

Sorry, Donny. You guys opened the can of worms. Now choke on them.

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