Halfway There; THE Trump Exposé Just Got a Big Donation. The Final Push Begins.

I’m far from the only person to call Donald Trump a sociopath, though I have several times. I’d certainly be only one of a chorus of folks to recognize that he has classic indicators for narcissistic personality disorder.


But the reason to make a film called “The Sociopath” about Donald Trump’s rise go far beyond arm chair psychology.

I’ve watched for years now as the Republican party, the conservative blogosphere, the tea party and other grassroots activists, have slowly squandered opportunity after opportunity to present the types of ideas that I believe America would embrace.

Worse than watching them, I’ve participated in this squandering. I’ve taken the opportunity, every chance I had over the last 10 years, ever since Democrats took the Congress in 2006, to be as partisan as anyone.

I’ve contributed to the problem as I detailed already. But even as I contributed, and even though it took me a long time to recognize the truth of our condition, I have realized that there are various others who won’t connect these dots because they weren’t there for all of it and need to see what happened.

But even worse, there are those who know perfectly well what the problems have been and will choose to perpetuate them, even in the increasingly likely scenario that Donald Trump loses the election.

So I knew, back in the spring, that I wanted to make a movie documenting the rise of Donald Trump’s brand of conservatism, to take an honest look at the mistakes of the right and take a hard trip into the bowels of our party to shed light on our problems in the hopes that we can stop ourselves from repeating them. Additionally, I wanted to highlight that the man claiming to represent the culmination of 10 years of conservatives hoping for a leader, is nothing but a snake-oil salesman enjoying the accolades of what has been dubbed the “entertainment wing” of the Republican party and elevated by a sub-ideology of nationalists who have co-opted the right.


I believe a lot of people are continuing to look at this election as just “another election.” Where the stakes are super high and everything hinges on biting the bullet and voting for Donald Trump.

It’s no secret that I disagree.

But I choose to believe that there are a great many people who simply have not fully appreciated who he is and how he operates. That don’t get how supporting Trump is linking arms with some of the scummiest people in America. Worse yet, that we are handing the power of one of the nation’s largest and oldest political parties over to people that didn’t help build it but have used it for decades as a platform to teach hate and to undermine the efforts and optics of those who truly want what is best for the country.

For all of these reasons, I decided to start a fundraiser to make this film. I looked for a modest $30,000 and up until yesterday, had only raised 1/3 of the total.

That changed with an anonymous $6,000 donation and a private message that they believed in this project.

So rather than close the fundraiser I’d like to give it just a few more days and ask for your help. The GOP can NOT be allowed to write the post-mortem after this is all over and the dust settles. And, more urgently, we must prevent Donald Trump from becoming the leader of the Republican party by winning the election. This man will lead us further into the wilderness we already find ourselves on the edge of at this critical moment.


If you believe all this, please help. The link to donate is below, and don’t forget to watch the trailer. Myself and my team know what we’re doing. We know how to tell stories and to entertain simultaneously. We know how to work quickly and on budget. We need this money to allow us to do some moderate traveling for some on location filming and some equipment purchases and additional hired help.

We have met 50% of our goal. 244 people have helped us to raise $15,355 towards our goal. Whether or not we reach $30k we are making a film. Will you help us?


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