VIDEO: Trump Openly Asking for Russia to Breach American Sovereignty

You may have heard that Trump is the “law and order candidate.” If you haven’t, here’s a highlight reel showing exactly that, as part of the roll-out for our new crowd-funded documentary.


You may have also heard that Trump is all about national sovereignty. So much so, that he’s promised above all else to build a wall at the border. Because our national sovereignty is the single most important thing to getting America back on track.

As such, you’d be forgiven if you were confused as to how the Law & Order candidate is openly hoping for his pals in Russia to continue to leak hacked emails from his political opponents. In fact, in a press conference today (where he also discussed the need to “renegotiate” the Geneva Conventions) he flat out asked Russia to do it.

He doubled-down later on twitter, this time asking for Russia to hand the emails to the FBI as opposed to journalists as he had originally recommended.

Hey who needs a secure digital border, right? It’s not like money and records and computer things can hurt anyone. Right?


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