SECRETS: Comey Tells Congress No Transcript of Hillary's Interview with FBI Agents and Won't Confirm She Didn't Lie

Oh, and he didn’t talk to all of the interviewers. He thinks there were 6. But he’s not sure.

Now look, lying to the FBI is already a crime. So they don’t really have to swear you in. And plenty of interviews are not video recorded. But this is what we have now. We have a candidate for President who was interviewed in a criminal investigation OF WHICH SHE IS THE SUBJECT and the ultimate deciding factor in whether to recommend charges is an interview that is not available for public review, from which the FBI director AT THE HEARING cannot specify any particular information, and which he cannot even cite the questions asked, and in the end there is not even a written record to go back to verify anything.

But ultimately, oath or no oath, Mr. Comey assures us she wasn’t lying.

Well, no, not really.  Actually he says while they have no basis to believe she lied to them in the interview (the one for which there is no record), he’s “unqualified” to know if she lied to the American people. And he also can’t even address whether or not she already lied under oath in previous testimony because Congress didn’t ask them to look into it.

It seems pretty obvious that perjury took place at some point. And, much like her husband before her, she’ll get away with it.