Obama Won't Say 'Islam' But Goes Right to Gun Control in Pathetic Address to Nation #Orlando

President Obama delivered remarks this afternoon about the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida that has left 50 Americans dead and another 50+ wounded. Despite the voluminous evidence of Islamic terror, and despite the fact that the shooter literally called 9-11 and swore allegiance to ISIS before the attack, the President at no point mentions Islam, radical Islam, Islamic terrorism, jihad, or even ISIS.


But he does bring up gun control of course. (Starting at about 3:39 in the below video.)

He’s no different that the other Democrats Jay reported on earlier. Like his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” The Democrats, and Obama himself, cry “wait for the evidence” on every point except gun control. Because they just “know” that somehow enacting gun control legislation fixes everything.

Maybe they should think about getting the United Nations to ban throwing gays off buildings, too. Because legislation is super effective against terrorists, you guys. Democrats making speeches in Congress is their biggest fear.


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