Is Fox News Purposely Mischaracterizing #NeverTrump?

It seems after all this time there is still some confusion about what #NeverTrump is and what the majority of people who tweet under its hashtag intend this elections season.


Check out Brit Hume and Howard Kurtz on Fox News over the weekend trading thoughts on how much they should purposely marginalize any news from #NeverTrump because it is, as Howard Kurtz described it, “desperate.”

My favorite “question” from Kurtz was when he asked about the need to even give air to the other side of what had previously been referred to as the internal Republican civil war.

KURTZ: Should the media give plenty of air time to these never trump types who still insist that this nomination battle isn’t over?

You notice his mischaracterization of #NeverTrump’s motives? This was consistent throughout the “interview.” I put interview in scare quotes because this was really just two guys agreeing on a narrative.

Most adherents to #NeverTrump would, I’m sure, love to see Trump’s nomination be stopped. And I’m sure there are still some hairbrained schemes out there about how to make that happen, but those are just extra efforts that overlay the basic promise of #NeverTrump, which is, as the name indicates, NEVER VOTING FOR TRUMP

There are varying opinions in #NeverTrump about what Trump’s chances are, about how the polls are stacking up, about who he can convince, what endorsements he can get, what policies he’s going to start pushing. There’s even differences about what to do come November with some saying they’ll vote down-ticket and skip the presidential vote, some saying they’ll vote 3rd party, and some saying they’ll vote for Hillary if it comes to that.


Because all #NeverTrump is is a large (and growing) group of people from all political stripes, who believe that Donald Trump simply doesn’t have the character, demeanor, behavior, or mental stability to be president of the United States.

People like Howard Kurtz continue to think there is some magic moment that is going to get us to “give up.” To “face reality.” As though this has all been an exercise in political sour grapes. As if this is some normal situation where those who lost have to figure out how to rally behind those that won.

That is not what this is.

This is a conviction. A promise. A guaranteed action or inaction on the part of untold numbers of Americans. That Donald Trump may very well be the nominee. He may very well become president. But he will never get help from us in achieving that and he will never get our vote.


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