WATCH: Oliver Stone Reimagines Edward Snowden as Jason Bourne

Oliver Stone is known for highly charged thrillers based on real world events. And by based on I mean “completely divorced from actual events for maximum narrative building.”


Now he’s taken on the story of uber-nerd, Edward Snowden, who bravely sold out American interests and fled to Russia, occasionally making awkward Skype appearances from what I assume is a snowed in bunker somewhere in Siberia.

Behold: The Snowden Identity.

If you watch the trailer, it looks like Snowden’s concerns are not centered around the concept of spying itself, but rather the alleged warrantless spying being done on American citizens. And it’s his incredible devotion to service that forces his hand in this regard and is, I assume, also what made him expose programs that had zero to do with American civil liberties and likely cost American lives overseas.

I guess it wouldn’t have been as easy to sell the story of a dweeb that is so committed to bravery he abandoned his girlfriend to hide with communists.

I just can’t wait for the Special Features when it comes out on disk. I hear it hacks your player, empties your bank account, and burns your house down. Then you have to thank it.


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