Faith is About More Than a Little Wine and a Little Cracker

When Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University earlier this week, it was to help bolster his bonafides as a Christian to the evangelical community. A moment of pandering from a guy that prides himself on brutal honesty.


I say it was pandering, not because I find any fault in telling potential voters of your Christian faith or trying to convince folks that your faith is important, but rather because I don’t believe for a moment that an egomaniac of his magnitude could ever believe in a power higher than himself.

Judgmental? Absolutely.

This is a man who claims that he rarely needs to ask for forgiveness.

And when pressed on the question of how an alleged Christian is so dismissive of the foundational aspect of salvation, Trump gave a new answer which is equally diminishing of the gravity of what he’s discussing.

Via the Federalist:

“When I drink my little wine – which is about the only wine I drink – and have my little cracker, I guess that’s a form of asking for forgiveness,” Trump said.

There is seemingly no understanding of the purpose of communion, the cost of Jesus’ blood & flesh, the price of salvation, and the beauty of grace.

I’m far from the only one to doubt the sincerity of Trump’s faith, but his lip service becomes even more obvious when put up next to a person of genuine faith whose story and background speaks to the experience in profound ways.


Such is the story of Ted Cruz. Erick covered this at the Resurgent earlier today, but I wanted to make sure everyone here got to see this as well. I was asked to put together a short film based on some interviews that had been recorded about how Christ had intervened early in Cruz’s life and the path it had placed him and his family on, ultimately leading to his run for president.

I hope you enjoy watching it and get a sense of what a public figure with a genuine story of God’s grace sounds like.


I made this in conjunction with Keep The Promise, PAC, which supports Ted Cruz for president. You can see more at


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