Thad Cochran is Wasting GOP Resources by not Conceding

Sen. Thad Cochran

Conventional wisdom is descending on the McDaniel vs. Cochran run-off that was kicked off last night when neither candidate pulled in over 50% of the votes in the Mississippi primary.


The wisdom goes something like this: Cochran is a safe bet with high name ID in Mississippi and therefore will be able to spend his energy and resources fighting back against a lesser known Democrat in a safely red state.

McDaniel on the other hand would have to use his resources at least in part to let people know who he is and convince them (especially independents) to cast their vote for him.

Generally speaking this was supported by a poll conducted last November showing lots of Democrats liked Thad (shocker) and most people hadn’t heard of McDaniel or didn’t have an opinion on him. That has led to this wisdom that we can’t “risk” unseating Thad Cochran.

So a Senator that has been in office continually for 41 years and in the Senate for 36 years, has joined leadership on every bad call to end fights before they began, has voted for everything from Medicare Part D to the Internet Sales Tax, who ran ads recklessly linking his opponent of criminal activity, who claims to rent a basement apartment that doesn’t exist from his assistant who throws fundraisers for Democrats out of the same location while his wife is left alone & ailing with dementia in a home… this Senator can’t be removed by democratic process because we might have to spend some money on name ID?


Well fine. If it’s about “saving money and resources” then let me help find some for everyone. We’ll start with Thad Cochran who as of mid-May still had almost $2.4 million in cash. Since history shows us that the momentum in a run-off is on the side of the challenger, Thad should step aside and offer the resources of his campaign coffers to electing the Republican in the interests of gaining a majority in the Senate.

The NRSC can pitch in too. When they aren’t busy accusing candidates of crimes and engaging in scorched-earth campaigns against those who would challenge their precious, ineffective incumbents, they’re spending money on Senatorial races. That’s their job. As I’m often told, they’re about creating a majority and “being realistic about it.” Brad Dayspring of the NRSC is often talking about working together to build a majority. Ok, let’s work together then, Brad. Thad ain’t going to win the primary. So stop sending money to get ground forces in Mississippi to fight against a fellow Republican. Take the money you’re about to spend the next 3 weeks firing at McDaniel and push it towards raising name ID for him. I’ll help in any way I can.


Look, I was told over and over by so many people in Washington whenever I objected to a so-called “safe seat” being safe, that we have to be cautious and diligent with how we as a movement spend our money and commit our time and resources. I was told that the people demanding we protect incumbents at all costs were actually really conservative as well and, if it made sense in terms of polling and cash, they’d be on my side.

Well guess what? It makes sense in terms of polling and cash to support McDaniel and for Cochran to retire in peace so he can tour the world with his girlfriend. Send us a postcard, Thad. We’ll be busy trying to undo 36 years of reckless spending.


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