Putting Students First

One of the things that we should take from the epic battle in Wisconsin as well as the fundamental changes that are taking place in New Jersey, is that real education reform is no longer a “third rail” political issue. Organizations, governors and activists are taking the issue of education head-on and even the National Education Association (NEA) is learning that their time as the dictators of education are over.


Former D.C. Schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, has started an organization called Students First which is pushing for education reform that does more than simply concede all ground to powerful unions. In fact, this isn’t her first foray into the battle against the special interests that control so much of our children’s future.

In 2010 she gained the ire of unions for doing the unthinkable: firing people.

“I got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had had sex with children, who had missed 78 days of school. Why wouldn’t we take those things into consideration?” she said.

As a father of four children I applaud this effort and encourage everyone to read more about them. Here’s a video they’ve just released about the organization.



It’s a funny ad to be sure, but education reform is a deadly serious and critically important topic. I am so incredibly tired of the first consideration in government and in voting to be the size of the teacher’s benefits package. And this is coming from the son of two teachers.

It’s very important for us to support groups like this, please visit their website.


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