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An interesting conversation took place on this particular episode of our show.  Ace and I spent a fair amount of time covering something that was (mostly) non-political.  More than one thing really.  We talked about Ashley Judd, Samantha Brick, social networking, & the difference between guys and girls.  Of course we topped it off by getting into a verbal altercation with Whoopi Goldberg.


This got me thinking.  Maybe we’ll change the show format and name.  From now on we’ll have have two additional guests come on with Ace & I and we’ll have a sort of roundtable discussion.  I’m thinking of calling it “The Stuff.”  And of course there will be coffee…and comfy chairs….and Elizabeth Hasselback.

If you’ve got a better name for the show, tell it to me here or email me.  That or SHUT YOUR FACE!

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