President Obama Blames Texas Wildfires on Global Warming

The great green culprit is back, and this time it’s setting Texas on fire!  At least that’s what President Obama wants you to believe.

At a fundraiser in California Sunday (from which he apparently excluded the press), he seized the opportunity of one of the worst catastrophes in Texas history to score some political points.  If George Bush didn’t care about black people, Barack Obama certainly seems to have his issues with Texans.


“You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change,” Obama told donors referring to Perry.

As we all know, Global Warming Climate Change is incontrovertible despite many reputable scientists’ claims to the contrary.  But can the President’s claim hold water even amongst believers?

Well, as to what actually caused it, it’s still man’s fault, but not in the way President Obama thinks:

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – The cause of a massive, record-breaking wildfire that destroyed nearly 1,600 homes in Central Texas was “electrical in nature,” the Texas Forest Service reported on Tuesday.

Of course, that’s only what started it.  The conditions still needed to exist for it to become the massive record shattering fire that it is.  Many are pointing to drought conditions as the culprit.

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A change in weather conditions has authorities across Texas closely watching out for more wildfires.

The Texas Forest Service says it saw several small fires pop up Sunday, whipped up by increasing winds in the afternoon.

Those winds, combined with warm temperatures and dry air, have created extremely critical fire conditions.

For those subscribing to President Obama’s alarmist religion, this is the smoking gun.  Warm air? Global Warming!!!! Hello!??!?


The culprit here is a natural weather event known as La Niña which is in fact nothing new to our planet.


The current fire problem in West Texas is being fed by dormant, warm-season perennial grasses throughout the high and rolling plains area he said. Last year’s El Niño event helped these grasses grow thick. After going dormant for the winter, and because of this year’s La Niña drought, it’s left plentiful fuel lying on the ground.

But surely La Niña events have increased because of global warming right? Don’t they have something to do with warm air?  Well, yes, they do.  However, that doesn’t quite fit the model either since, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there has not been any notable increase in this type of weather activity over the course of our fossil fuel consumption:

Lan Niña events between 1950 and 2011:


I’ll grant you that whether a weather event increases or decreases, global warming cultists will attribute it to their alarmism of choice.  So one would easily guess that the big boys at the NOAA are still blaming it on that right?  Actually, not really.  The NOAA’s own FAQ section makes clear that there is no scientific basis for believing that La Niña is a result of man-made climate change (emphasis mine):

Q:What is the relationship between El Niño/La Niña and global warming?

A:The jury is still out on this. Are we likely to see more El Niños because of global warming? Will they be more intense? These are the main research questions facing the science community today. Research will help us separate the natural climate variability from any trends due to man’s activities. We cannot figure out the “fingerprint” of global warming if we cannot sort out what the natural variability does. We also need to look at the link between decadal changes in natural variability and global warming. At this time we can’t preclude the possibility of links but it would be too early to definitely say there is a link.


Certainly it’s too early for science to declare a link; too early for victims of the fire to declare a link; too early for the Texas Forest Service to declare a link.  But for President Obama at a fundraiser that costs $35,000 per plate in the global warming alarmist capital of the world?  It’s not too early at all.  In fact, it’s right on time.

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