GoProud Dissent Among the Ranks

There appears to be more fallout as a result of the recent remarks made by GoProud Chairman Chris Barron in which he referred to ACU Foundation Chairman Cleta Mitchell as a “nasty bigot.” Barron later apologized for the remark after raising the ire of newly selected ACU chair Al Cardenas who indicated the possibility that the organization may distance themselves from GoProud.


Said Cardenas:

“I have been disappointed with their website and their quotes in the media, taunting organizations that are respected in our movement and part of our movement, and that’s not acceptable. And that puts them in a difficult light in terms of how I view things.”

It now appears that members from within GoProud have also found disagreement with Barron in a statement posted at the blog of GoProud Treasurer Bruce Carroll.  In a statement written by B. Daniel Blatt and signed by Carroll, they publicly expressed their discontent:

When we heard that Chris had called Cleta Mitchell a “nasty bigot” in a public forum, Bruce and I each contacted the other to express his concerns. We both believe he crossed a line and have been considering for the past 24 hours how to respond. This evening (Thursday, February 10), we thought it best to post this piece. While we disagree with Cleta Mitchell on a number of issues, we believe Chris was wrong to call her a “nasty bigot” to a reporter for the Metro Weekly. This is not appropriate public discourse. We are pleased that Chris apologized for using such intemperate language and encourage him to use greater discretion in future commentary.


GoProud’s sponsorship of CPAC conference in Washington, D.C. has been the subject of much controversy resulting in many organizations opting to not attend the gathering.



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