The Left Puts a Bullseye on the Right

If this weekend has taught us anything politically, it’s that the left is not interested in facts. Once a template has been established, no amount of evidence is going to usurp their idea of how and why certain events have transpired.


After the Discovery Channel hostage situation, Media Matters grabbed the mantle of leadership and advised against jumping to conclusions:

Today they have some more thoughts.  This time on the over-the-top violent rhetoric that is apparently emanating from the Tea Party side of the political spectrum.

Either they weren’t logged in on Saturday or they are a consortium of political hacks that are more than happy to ignore certain behaviors if it advances their political agenda.  I’ll let you be the judge. (but the latter is the answer)

After the horrendous acts of an insane lone gunman on Saturday, Twitter was abuzz with people on the left and right offering condolences to the families of the victims.  As is often the phrase when there is a political person involved in something like this, many were saying it was time to “put the politics aside.”

Apparently the left did not get this memo.

Warning: After the jump includes language some might find objectionable.

It started with Markos Moulitsas, humanitarian and founder of DailyKos.  He began by attempting to sell his book:

He then decided to target (excuse the language) more specifically who was to blame for the atrocities.

Because after all, Sarah Palin had, during the election cycle, posted this map using a target to indicate that Gifford’s Az district was to be…um….chosen as an area ripe for Republican victory on November 2nd.

Laying blame on this map and more specifically at the feet of Sarah Palin was viewed by many as inappropriately political given the proximity to the events that had taken place and the uncertainty as to the condition of the victims.  Certainly discussions of the motives would need to be had, but right now, the concern should be for the family right?


Trying to make the point that politics should be put aside resulted in typical leftist eloquence.

Because silence was not an option.

Since after all…

And they felt that something must be done about this over-the-top rhetoric!

And not just Sarah Palin, but really…

Because once again, just look at this map!!

I mean clearly, it’s not over-the-top to say…

Because unlike the left, the right is incredibly hateful!

These kinds of threats are unacceptable!

And I think we can all agree it’s certainly not the time for making ill-conceived jokes.

Well, regardless, the left was united that the hate speech and use of violent, insulting & hate filled terminology must stop.

Well…maps! There’s no maps like the evil Palin used on the left…

Well….at least they never specifically targeted the district that Giffords was in using inflammatory or “violent” language…



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