Congressman-Elect Mick Mulvaney - "Democrats confused"

I recently had the opportunity to interview Congressman-Elect Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina’s 5th District about his impending transition to Capitol Hill.  We had a great discussion ranging from Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap” to the Democrats’ apparent confusion or perhaps indifference to the mid-term elections as evidenced in their recent attempt to push a 1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus through a lame duck congress.


Mulvaney is a committed conservative whom I interviewed earlier this year when he was a longshot to beat 14 term incumbent Democrat and Budget Committee Chairman Rep. John Spratt.  In the end, he stomped Spratt with 10 percentage points to spare.

In this episode of Renewing America, I also discuss the Tax Deal and my unpopular opinions on it as well as Joe Scarborough and the ridiculous “No Labels” movement.

Renewing America with Ben Howe – December 20, 2010 by benhowe



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