The Battle for America begins in 20 Days

However, the movie is already out:


In Generation Zero, Citizens United & Director Stephen Bannon laid out the crimes. In Fire from the Heartland they observed the heroes. The third film of this stylized trilogy is the final act and we are all in it.


The Battle for America wasn’t specifically written for politicos like you and me. It was developed with the sideliners in mind. The politically uninvolved, if there are any left, to give them the perspective and the emotional stirring they may need to get out and cast votes in favor of liberty this November.

With appearances by Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter and with the bulk of the narration done by Dick Morris, this film lays out the state of affairs and the feelings that have been brought to the forefront of American culture in the last 20 months. It’s gripping and powerful and as is the case with it’s counterparts, is an excellent film to show to that friend of yours that’s still “not sure”.

Battle for America reexamines where we were, where we are, how we got here, and most importantly, where we need to go. It’s unapologetic in it’s bluntness as it not only reminds us of how important it is to win this November, but briefly imagines the cost of losing.

It examines the Tea Parties and recognizes that movement as the solution; an answer to what ails our nation. In one of my favorite moments from the film, they highlight the difference between Americans and the rest of the world.  If you need an example of American Exceptionalism, look no further than how we protest in order to get our governments to stop trying to take care of us, stop trying to protect us from ourselves, and get out of the way.  This is in stark contrast to European riots where cars are set on fire and violence is commonplace as people demand that the government do everything for them.  American individuality has led this nation to be the most prosperous in history.  Isn’t that worth fighting for?


I had the opportunity to interview the Director and discuss the film with him recently. I encourage you to listen to our conversation as we cover not only the substance of the film, but the future of conservative media and the role we must all play to restore our government to it’s rightful place: under the people’s control. (The interview with Stephen begins about 10 minutes into the show)

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